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Consultation by one of the few ENGLISH and CHINESE speaking immigration lawyer in Japan.

MADOKA Legal Services Office, Miwa Kanesaki, immigration lawyer in Kobe, Japan.

News & Success Stories
07 December 2021
日本人の配偶者不許可が許可に / 日本人配偶者被拒签后再次申请成功取得签证
12 October 2021
アルバイトが許可されました / 資格外活動許可申請 / Application for Part-time Job
10 July 2020
MADOKA Legal Services Office
Welcome. My name is Miwa Kanesaki, an immigration lawyer registered in the Immigration Bureau under the Ministry of Justice as an certified agent for VISA applications. We offer consultation in English and Chinese, and provide Japanese VISA and international legal affairs services.
Japan VISA Services
Work VISA • Spouse VISA • Family’s VISA • Investor/Business VISA • Renew VISA • Permanent Residence • VISA for Children Born in Japan • Permission for Part-time Jobs • Certificate of Qualification to Work • Re-entry
Business Setup
We provide full support for business setup from consultation, company establishment, license application to contract creation and document translation, etc.
MADOKA Legal Services Office
まどか法務 行政書士事務所
Miwa Kanesaki
Immigration Lawyer
兼先 美和 かねさき みわ
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